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LED Spot Light

Meet Premium China LED Spot Light Manufacturer

Are you looking for reliable super bright LEDs at a reasonable rate? Then you have come to the right place! Ranpo Lighting Technology Co., Ltd is known as the most demanding LED spotlight supplier. This high-end led light has bright colors with 96% light transparency; we have used optical lenses in it, making it unique and demandable. Some of our light's designs are patented with some unique designs which won't find anywhere else because we believe in innovation. You can direct the light in a specific direction where the light is needed, especially in the manufacturing site, operation theatre, ramp, concerts, and many other places.

Why Choose Us?

We are working as a China LED spot light manufacturer for the past 20 years in this industry and supplying our products worldwide. It is a very common and widely used light that is manufactured in different patterns. Its lens can be adjusted manually to focus more on the object. Many landscape LED light suppliers provide way expensive high power led lights, but we are here to provide you the best light bulb at an affordable rate.

 All Our Outdoor Round LED Light

Our Spotlight has an adjustable dimming option from 4 watts to 17 watts, which helps fit in any setup. It is available in different colors like 10W red, 10W blue, 10W green, 10W white, warm and 10W amber; you can adjust these high powers led light through remote or with your smartphones and change 7 different colors. We used an LCD touch screen for the display, which allows for more convenient operation control. Standard mode, Incandescent mode, Fast mode, and Linear mode are the four different dimmer curves. The frequency ranges from 500 Hz to 25000 Hz, and it is flicker-free on the monitor, making it ideal for a variety of events such as studio rooms, stages, and TV shows. Being the leading China LED spot light manufacturer, we ensure that our production processes are lean and the wastage is reduced to a minimum.  Considering all these factors, Outdoor RGB lights are carefully manufactured with an IP65 waterproof design and moisture-proof.

Features Of LED Landscape light

• Help you to save electricity as compare to the other led lights.

• Our Outdoor LED RGB Spotlight has a 15° -120° range of beam, which matches two to four-wire track systems.

• Now you don't have to climb on anything to adjust the position of the light. It can be easily rotated vertical and horizontal through a remote, plus it has different color and dimming options.

• It is also best for an outdoor setup like in the backyard, ground, hall, or you can fix it anywhere you want! As it is made up of aluminum and a PC body that will help resist in an outdoor environment.

• China LED spotlight manufacturer mainly focuses on its longer lifespan and cheapest maintenance cost (nearly free) because that's makes it more demanding.